Lunasonde makes the underground world visible, fundamentally transforming our understanding of the planet we live on.

We're pioneering subsurface imaging while providing a sustainable approach to resource exploration.

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Underground resources - water and minerals - power our world but we’re permanently altering the planet to find them.

There is currently no sustainable way to search for these resources and no scalable way to map them.



Lunasonde’s ability to look 15,000x deeper than current satellites and sensors is the next frontier in resource exploration.

Our small satellite can locate groundwater, mineral deposits, and other geological resources up to 2 kilometers underground.

Our data is collected in 3 minutes and provides a true 3D map of the earth's subsurface.

Lunasonde collects data no one else has before.


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Breakthrough In-Space Solutions Selected for the Benefit of Earth

Reef Starter, an innovation engine powered by Orbital Reef, today announced the winners of its first annual Reef Starter Innovation Challenge. The early-stage companies selected demonstrated innovative in-space solutions leveraging Orbital Reef, a mixed-use space station to be built in low Earth orbit (LEO).

Lunasonde and Exolaunch Announce a Partnership

Lunasonde, a startup that focuses on subsurface imaging from space, and Exolaunch, a global leader in rideshare launch, deployment, and integration services, announce launch agreements to fly a portion of the Gossamer satellite constellation aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Transporter missions.

DuPont and VCs see lithium mining as a critical investment for the electric future

A stream of VC dollars has been flowing into the mining business as software helps extraction companies operate more efficiently. Notable investments include Lunasonde, which prospects from space using satellites.

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Lunasonde’s current focus is to apply our solution to solving problems of water scarcity and unsustainable mining. But with a technology so unique, the sky's the limit!

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