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Lunasonde is building its executive team to accomplish near and long-term strategies and growth. Kelly Maloney, former Chief Growth Officer for Altek, Inc., joins Lunasonde as their first Vice President of Growth. Edith Cariaso, one of Lunasonde’s first employees, is taking on the Vice President of Operations position.

Maloney’s background includes growth strategies, branding, communications, and business development for several companies, including those focused on new space initiatives. Cariaso’s background includes tech development in ASIC design automation tools, strategic marketing, and corporate relationships honed during her tenure at Univac, National Semiconductor, VLSI Technology, and most recently head of Operations and Business at Lunasonde.

Maloney will be based in the Seattle, Washington, area, expanding the company’s footprint from Arizona and other locations to the Pacific Northwest. She will be responsible for strategy, growth initiatives, communications, PR, government relations, and business development. Maloney will elevate Lunasonde’s profile in the region and across the globe.

As the company prepares for its next test launch of its proprietary satellite, Cariaso will oversee the team, staffing, and operations.

“Lunasonde is well positioned technologically for our next exciting steps in space exploration, and we are now positioning for continued success through these executive appointments,” said Jeremiah Pate, Lunasonde CEO. “Both Kelly and Edith have in-depth experience in their respective areas, and we are thrilled to have them join and grow with us.”

“When I ask myself what the value is I can bring to an organization, I also look to the organization to see if it is bringing value to the world. As a forward-looking company, Lunasonde’s proprietary technology is a bridge to the future of responsible, sustainable resource extraction. Washington is home-base for more than half of all satellites currently in space, so it makes sense for Lunasonde to have presence the state.”

“I am thrilled about the innovative technological approach to mineral exploration and the mission that aims to create a more environmentally friendly earth, starting from the introduction of Lunasonde,” said Cariaso. “It is an honor to foster growth and enable expertise in the fields of exploration, aerospace systems, and the data and science that drive technological development at Lunasonde. Our mission extends not only to the present but also to the future.”


Established in 2018, Lunasonde is the world’s singular commercial provider enabling resource exploration from orbit.

Lunasonde specializes in delivering high-value solutions across an array of Earth-based and space-based industries. Our unique blend of geophysicist and aerospace engineers creates a synergy that propels our innovation to new heights.


We excel at finding and defining valuable resources on Earth and on celestial bodies—such as other planets and asteroids—through the utilization of advanced technologies, including development and deployment of our leading-edge satellites.


Our satellites are equipped with SAR, state-of-the art technologies, robotic systems, and our proprietary software. They are capable of imaging hundreds of meters underground, allowing us to identify, locate, and map valuable resources with unparalleled accuracy. They have the potential to discover vast quantities of precious metals and minerals while minimizing the environmental impact associated with traditional mining practices on Earth.


Our Earth-focused work reduces the need for extensive and expensive searches. Reaching beyond Earth's boundaries, Lunasonde is unlocking the untapped potential of space resources to harness the raw materials humanity needs now more than ever, thereby preserving our own planet's delicate ecosystem.


The company’s overriding goal is to create a better Earth for all through pioneering space exploration.


Lunasonde Inc.

6262 N Swan Road Ste 165

Tucson, AZ 85714

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