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The Lunasonde Promise

The Highest Standards 

 Built on Passionate People and  Full-Stack Innovation

Lunasonde is first and foremost a company of people--people of high standards with ethics to match. 


We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve in every respect:

Ethics, Safety, Technology & Innovation, Respect for the Environment, Inclusion, and Community.


It’s who we are, how we promise to act, and what we expect from those we do business with.


Our technology is constantly advancing as we pursue accuracy in every aspect of our work. We are pleased to collaborate with partners for elements that fall outside of our primary expertise, leading us to exceptional quality and precision in every aspect of our work.


We have a deep appreciation for the communities we serve! From our dedicated team members, to our immediate local community, to the global stage, we are wholeheartedly devoted to giving back and creating positive change in every possible way.


At our work sites, launch sites, and in space, we prioritize the well-being and safety of our esteemed staff and the general population. Every aspect of our operations takes into account these health and safety concerns. We strictly follow safety protocols to minimize any potential unforeseen problems.


We strive to promote inclusivity by embracing those from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their beliefs, hobbies, cultural heritage, racial identity, religious affiliations, or physical abilities. This dedication enables us to recruit and retain exceptionally talented people who consistently deliver outstanding results.


We are a continuously evolving startup, signifying  constant progress. Our team of scientists and geophysicists are actively researching the most effective methods to detect and extract minerals on Earth and in space. This dedication is accompanied by our commitment to upholding ethical standards, which serve as the foundation for all of our endeavors.


One of our overriding priorities is to make the world a better place through our work. We firmly believe that by minimizing the environmental impact associated with conventional mining practices on Earth, we can make a positive difference.

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