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Planet in outer space.

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We are a forward-looking company at the leading edge of innovation and ingenuity.

Building on a rich legacy of government-led, decadal space exploration, Lunasonde is pioneering planetary resource exploration forged through the synergies of our unique blend of geophysicist and aerospace engineers, novel technologies, and specially curated partnerships and collaborations.

Lunasonde specializes in delivering high-value solutions across an array of Earth-based and space-based industries. We excel at finding and defining valuable resources on Earth and in space—such as other planets and asteroids—through the utilization of advanced technologies, including development and deployment of our advanced satellites.

Our satellites are equipped with SAR, state-of-the art technologies, robotic systems, and our proprietary software. They are capable of imaging hundreds of meters underground, allowing us to identify, locate, and map valuable resources with unparalleled accuracy. They have the potential to discover vast quantities of precious metals and minerals while minimizing the environmental and human impacts associated with traditional mining practices on Earth.

Our Earth-focused work reduces the need for extensive and expensive searches. Reaching beyond Earth’s boundaries, Lunasonde is unlocking the untapped potential of space resources to harness the raw materials humanity needs now more than ever, thereby preserving our own planet’s delicate ecosystem. 

Our overriding goal is to create a better Earth for all through pioneering space exploration.

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Executive Team

Jeremiah Pate, Lunasonde Founder & CEO

JEREMIAH PATE – Founder and CEO 

Jeremiah Pate, Founder and CEO of Lunasonde, is an entrepreneur and visionary in the field of space resource exploration. Pate and his team at Lunasonde have revolutionized the way we think about sustainability and resource extraction beyond Earth. After watching traditional mining efforts, Jeremiah knew a better and more sustainable way was possible. He endeavored to find a way to secure humanity’s need for critical minerals while concurrently preserving our planet from the effects of conventional mining. That’s where the story of Lunasonde began, focusing on providing a new path for access to raw materials and the renewable energy economy they will build.

In 2020, Jeremiah was a recipient of Forbes 30 under 30 in Manufacturing and Industry. Before  Lunasonde, he attended the University of Arizona and researched the molecular biophysics of Parkinson’s disease at the University of Pennsylvania. Asteroid 34104 Jeremiahpate is named in honor of his research.

John Corkery, Lunasonde VP of Exploration

JOHN CORKERY - Vice President of Exploration

John Corkery is Lunasonde’s  Vice President of Exploration. He is an international exploration geologist with expertise in PGE and Cu as well as experience in gold and VMS deposits. John has worked extensively in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, and North America. He has worked on projects from deposit, regional, and continental-scale, and he has managed budgets and staff from $1M to over $40M annually. John has a proven track record of discovery and development. In 2012, he was presented the Discovery of the Year award from the Northwestern Ontario Prospectors Association for his work at Lac des Iles, where he and his team are credited with making five new PGE discoveries. His team also defined and expanded the Offset Zone by an order of magnitude. John is credited with the discovery of a high-grade Au-Ag vein, high-grade Ag vein, Ag-Pd-Zn deposit in Scandinavia, and a Cu-PGE occurrence in western North America. John’s academic and research interests include planetary geology, Precambrian geology and tectonics, Large Igneous Provinces, regional structures, economic geology, and meteorite impacts. 

Kelly Maloney, Lunasonde VP of Growth

KELLY MALONEY - Vice President of Growth

Kelly Maloney is Lunasonde’s Vice President of Growth responsible for global growth strategies, communications, business development, and strategic relationships. She is the former Chief Growth Officer of Altek, Inc., where she was responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive growth strategy and oversaw communications and branding, strategic relationships, and the sales and business development strategy, including monitoring and analyzing market trends. Kelly is the former CEO of OLI Global and is a Co-Founder and Board Member of Space Northwest. As the former President and CEO of the Aerospace Futures Alliance and the Washington State Space Coalition, she worked globally to grow and strengthen the aerospace and space industries in the state, including year-over-year retention of $9 billion in aerospace tax incentives. Kelly has also been part of several successful start-ups throughout her career. She is also a former elected official. While in office, Kelly spearheaded attracting a University branch campus to her community and a developed a crime task force to fight increased crime in the municipality. She received the Key to the City for her community work. Kelly has her Master’s degree in Communications and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University.

Edith Cariaso, Lunasonde VP of Operations

EDITH CARIASO - Vice President of Operations

Edith Cariaso is Lunasonde’s Vice President of Operations and is responsible for the team, staffing, and operations. Her expertise lies in software development of design automation software tools, a skill she honed during her tenure at Sperry Univac, National Semiconductor, and VLSI Technology. In addition to her technical skills, Edith has demonstrated strong leadership abilities. She has led strategic relationships, overseen operations, managed special projects, and spearheaded new product marketing initiatives. Her role also extends to human resources, showcasing her versatility in managing different aspects of a business. Her extensive experience and diverse skill set is an asset in the field of technology and business management.

Andreas Rousing, Lunasonde VP of Technology

ANDREAS ROUSING - Vice President of Technology

Andreas Rousing is Lunasonde’s Vice President of Technology. Before joining the Lunasonde team, Rousing was Director of Spacecraft at Outpost, where he led a team of engineers through blank slate design and launch of two satellites and the development of ESPA class vehicles capable of entry, descent, and landing. Among other work, Andreas led the design of hybrid RF and optical data relay network satellites for space-based assets. He also designed the attitude determination system for a satellite-based radio-tracking system, capable of locating miniaturized transmitters globally. Before that, he was a Mission Program Manager and Senior Spacecraft Systems Engineer at Hedron, where he designed spacecraft for an in-space data relay network for space-based assets. Throughout his professional career, Rousing’s focus has been the design and application of systems in the context of space. From his early beginnings designing the attitude determination system for a student satellite—built and launched by the Technical University of Denmark during his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics and Nanotechnology—to research on exoplanet imaging technologies while working toward his Master’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University.

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Our Mission | Preserving Earth’s ecosystem by reimagining Earth and space exploration.

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